BufferBox behind-the-scenes with video & pictures

Your package has arrived!

Well, I don’t know… but the BufferBox behind-the-scenes video has!

Just to throw in a quick little introduction before you keep reading, I’m Marta, Arc Media’s new intern! Hopefully we will be having more posts for your entertainment, so keep an eye out on Facebook for updates!

So if you haven’t seen the spotlight video yet, no worries, I saved you the effort searching for it so all you have to do is click here.

But if you have seen it and were wondering how we pulled off scenes like the “flying” kite, you’re in for an exciting two minutes.


First things first: the rain machine

Unless you have or are a Genie, creativity is what happens when you have an incredible idea that appears unreachable. Scenes with a homeless man, burglar, and cats in a box, seem like pretty reachable goals. Making it rain on a gorgeous summer day; however, not so much.

Being the handymen they are, Andrew and Jon decided to build a rain machine (though for all I know they could be Genie’s because I didn’t actually see them build the thing).

Their wooden hose structure was only in the video for ¾ of a second on half of the screen, but it was well worth it! With Tallen’s help in carefully planning the filming schedule (among things), we were blessed with a perfect overcast for filming the rain scene early in the morning.


Andrew and the Aristocats

I know I said getting the cats in a box was a pretty reachable goal and we thought we had it figured out by scattering catnip on the porch. But let’s face it, if cats have 9 lives, they feed off of creating a ruckus.

A few seconds after placing them on the porch, the red tabby made a run for it. What a mess…

Not only were these rental cats (loaned from a friend’s friend, not actually “rented” – please do not call animal services), but the mackerel put up a fight during the rescue attempt. Luckily he only went so far as the neighbour’s yard and Andrew was able to snatch him after we collectively circled in on it. After ending up with a few scratches and almost being attacked by a dog, Andrew became the Aristocat hero!


The mysterious floating kite

When we went into the store to purchase a kite we were handed this fantastic looking pirate-boat that you saw Andrew & Tom building in the video. We asked for the easiest one to fly and supposedly, this was it.

Well, let me tell you, this kite was nothing of the sort. Granted, there was little to no wind that day, but not even helium balloons could hold this thing up. We were forced to strip the kite of its fabulous side-sails to take some weight off, leaving the bare minimum so that it could rise into the air.

We started with 7 helium balloons, moving up to about 30, from which a handful flew away. With the balloon shop’s closing hours looming closer, Jon called and asked them to stay open a while longer so we could pick up the balloons and finish the kite scene. Thankfully, they agreed, and we stepped into gear to shoot the final scene before the sun went down.


But when the day is done…

Though we came across other minor difficulties such as the morning breeze knocking over the C-stands (shadow creators), Andrew’s laptop trying to commit suicide by drowning on the balcony during the rain scene, and the burglar attempting to make a run for it, we had more successes than failures, and more fun than not.

So after an exciting pre&post-production process, I’m happy to say that the video buffer is complete!

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